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Snowflake Challenge: Day 1

I wanted to do this last year, but for whatever reason I didn't. I was fannishly really quiet for all of 2013. I want to change that in 2014, and this is a first step.

[community profile] snowflake_challenge  Day One
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.


Podfic of Two-Step, written by raja815. Links at AO3.
ST:TOS. Uhura/Gaila.

I think this podfic is my best work of 2013, and one of my best of all time. The fic is TOS Uhura/Gaila, set shortly after the events of Whom Gods Destroy. It's a lovely fic, and Uhura/Gaila is one of my favorite ships in any Trek verse. I feel really good about my performance in this podfic, and I'm especially proud of the editing and overall production. I found an absolutely beautiful piece of litungu music online while I was working on this, and I love the way it sounds woven into the podfic.

This podfic is a good representation of my work at its best, and of my general preference for woman-centric works.


Podfic of A House in His Head, written by jmtorres. Links at AO3.
Cyteen (C.J. Cherryh). Grant ALX-972/Justin Warrick

Another favorite from 2013. This fic was on my to-record list for a really long time, and I'm really happy I finally made it. I did some experimenting with vocal and sound effects on this one, and I feel very good about how they turned out. In particular, I like how the light reverb and heartbeat come across in the tape sections. I think this fic was a good choice for my performance style, and I loved loved loved reading tape.

This one has very few downloads, and isn't likely to ever get very many. It's a tiny fandom, and canonically very triggery. Even so, I think this is a podfic that defines me as a creator. It's representative of my taste in fandom and fanfic, and of my performance and production style. I create more output for larger fandoms like Supernatural, but podfics like this are who I am as a creator.


Podfic of The One You'll Know By, written by roque_clasique. Links at AO3.
Supernatural. Gen.

I made this one in 2012. I sing in it, which should make it cringeworthy forever, but somehow I'm still incredibly fond of it. It's a pre-series John-centric fic of my favorite flavor - John as a well-meaning but flawed parent, overwhelmed and exhausted and doing his best with what he's got. I feel pretty good about how I read Sam and Dean's squabbling, but it's John's POV that makes this one for me. I love reading John's voice, and this podfic captures everything I love about doing it.

I also really like how the cover art on this one turned out. It's one of my favorites. Which brings me to:

Bonus #4: Cover art

In the first couple months of 2013 I taught myself how to use GIMP and made cover art for every podfic of mine that didn't already have a cover made by someone else. The three below are among my favorites, and generally representative of my style. I'm not linking to the podfics since this rec is for the cover art, but they're all over on AO3. 

ST:AOS. Gaila/Christine Chapel. 

Firefly. River Tam/Kaylee Frye.

Fringe. Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop.
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I remember that John story!! I really liked your reading of it and I agree with what you say about favorite flavored John - well meaning, but flawed.

I actually have your Uhura/Galia podfic in my queue - I've been horrible at keeping up lately.