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...and here are some covers to go with the six Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles podfics I've posted to date.

I actually have a seventh cover ready to go, but I haven't gotten around to recording the podfic yet. Soon, I hope. :/

*Sigh* I love this show so much. I just finished my fifth rewatch earlier this year, but I may already be due for another.

Links to podfic & text
Characters: Riley Dawson, Jesse Flores
Summary: "Riley had a doll, once."

Links to podfic & text
Characters: Derek Reese, Sarah Connor, John Connor, Kyle Reese
Summary: "Derek tries to reconcile Sarah-the-legend to Sarah, here and now."

Links to podfic & text
Characters: John Connor, Sarah Connor
Summary: "These days are easier to remember, even if they'd been the longest ago: her love for him, running ribbon-like around his world, big and wide and weaving through everything. It had been enough. It had been everything. Future John reminisces."

Links to podfic & text
Characters: John Connor/Cameron Phillips
Summary: "Five AU moments with John and Cameron, if Cameron was accidentally sent to 2008 instead of 1999."

Links to podfic & text
Characters: John Connor/Cameron Phillips
Summary: "Written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon, recorded for the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology in conjunction with halfamoon. Prompt: Cameron (/John?) Disturbance."

Links to podfic & text
Characters: Sarah Connor, Derek Reese, Cameron Phillips, John Connor
Summary: "He is dreaming that he sees them standing under the tree, Derek and his mother – Sarah – standing so close that they don’t look like two people but like some new creature that he’s never seen before."
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If you're into podfic and femslash and you haven't already checked out KISSES Fest at [community profile] audiofemme, I highly recommend heading over there. Okay, so, as one of the mods I might be sort of biased about this, but...between the <5 minute A Peck on the Lips compilation and the >5 minute Makeout Sessions, there is a seriously excellent selection of f/f podfic at the comm. 

I'm still working on my submission for Makeout Sessions (I know, I'm super late - I got seriously podblocked by the heat), but I did manage to finish 5 short podfics for A Peck on the Lips. I recommend listening to the entire compilation, but if you're interested, my contributions are listed below.

Stargazing from the palace gardens [Vorkosigan Saga]
Author: [ profile] rubynye || Pairing: Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan/Kareen Vorbarra
2.6MB || 00:02:49

Dolls [Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles]
Author: [ profile] rheanna27 || Pairing: Riley Dawson/Jesse Flores
4.1MB || 00:04:31

Listen, She Said [Star Trek: Deep Space 9]
Author:[ profile] sophia_gratia || Pairing: Kira Nerys/Jadzia Dax
4.4MB || 00:04:50

Winning [Fringe/Criminal Minds]
Author: [ profile] crazylittleelf || Pairing: Olivia Dunham/Emily Prentiss
2.0MB || 00:02:14
(This podfic also fills my Crossover/Fusion square at [ profile] podfic_bingo!)

I swim in delight as in a sea [Firefly]
Author: [ profile] sangerin || Pairing: Kaylee Frye/Inara Serra
2.7MB || 00:02:57

that's a tight present

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