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Dear Author/Artist/Podficcer:

*twirls you* Hello! The thing to know about me is, I'm really easy to please. I know I'll love whatever you come up with. Below I've outlined some of my general preferences for the fandoms I requested, but please don't feel constrained by them. What's most important to me is that you create something you feel good about.

All the prompts I offered are gen-oriented, but I'm happy to receive slash, femslash, or het. What I am looking for, though, is something that's more character-driven, as opposed to PWP. Also, I like h/c, but I'm not into whump. I really like explorations of character and culture. I don't have any recs on pinboard, but the fics I choose to podfic are all pretty representative of my taste. You can find them here.

Fandom #1: Alliance-Union (C.J. Cherryh)

Honestly, I'd be thrilled to receive anything from this fandom. I love it so much, and I adore all of the characters. Lately I've been craving something from Catlin's perspective, but if you're more into Ari or Justin and Grant, that's totally fine, too. When writing about Ari II, I prefer stories set in and around the Cyteen era, rather than fics where she's a fully established adult with a secure and developed power base.

I requested either fic or podfic in this fandom.

Fandom #2: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I generally prefer stories set during or before the events of the show to stories set after, but I'm flexible on that. I'm interested in the parent-child dynamic between Catherine and Savannah before and after Savannah went to therapy, and I'm interested in pretty much any exploration of Sarah. Lately I've been thinking about how dramatically Sarah's life changed in 1984, and what it must have been like for her when the loss of her best friend and her mom caught up to her. How that must have shaped who she became, and how she raised John. But really, anything about Sarah is welcome.

I requested fic, podfic, or icons in this fandom. If you're thinking of making icons, I would love some more of Sarah especially.

Fandom #3: Hannibal

I'm totally fine with references to canonical events, but I'm not into graphic descriptions of torture/death or gore. So, noting the human hair in the pillows at the Hobbs house is fine, but describing how the hair was harvested is maybe a little much for me. I really just want any kind of exploration of Abigail as a character. How is she processing her current relationships in light of how twisted her past relationships have been? Who would Abigail be as an adult? What is she holding onto to keep herself together?

I requested fic, podfic, icons, or fanart in this fandom. If you're thinking of making fanart, I prefer something on the darker/weirder/moodier side.

Fandom #4: Star Trek AOS

Oh my god, I love T'Pring. Any exploration of T'Pring in the AOS world would be welcome. Bonus points for a T'Pring+Carol Marcus friendship fic or femslash fic, but if you're really invested in T'Pring/Stonn, I'm fine with that, too. I don't actually have strong feelings about Carol Marcus at this point, but I really want to. If you're a Carol Marcus fan, make me something that shows me why you love her.

I requested either fic or podfic in this fandom.

That's it! I hope it was remotely helpful. If you have questions, you can always ask them anonymously in the comments.

Thank you!!!
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