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I've been teaching myself how to use GIMP. All of my podfics now have podfic covers, and I think some of them are actually pretty decent now. (I still don't know what I'm doing, though.) Below are all the new Supernatural covers I've made. They've been up on AO3 with the links to the podfics for a while, but until now I haven't posted any of these covers on my journal before.


Links to podfic and text
Characters: Ellen and Jo Harvelle
Summary: "There was no choice."
This is the second version I've made of this cover. The first was an early experiment with GIMP. :P

Links to podfic & text
Characters: John, Dean, and Sam Winchester
Summary: "He just can’t drive anymore until he sits in some air conditioning for five goddamn minutes and cools down, literally and figuratively, before he accidentally murders one of his kids."
Also a second attempt.

Links to podfic & text
Characters: Claire Novak, Castiel, Dean Winchester
Summary: "The world changes, and Claire goes searching for her father. Or, barring him, Castiel. What she finds is neither." (End!verse)

Links to podfic & text
Characters: Meg Masters & Bela Talbot
Summary: "Meg takes Bela off the rack."

Links to podfic & text
Characters: Dean Winchester/Anna Milton
Summary: "There are things Dean's done that he cannot talk about. Forgiveness might be a gift, but it's one that demands something that might just be impossible."

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